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The UCR Grid Portal provides a single web interface to those computational clusters on the UCR campus that have joined the UCR Grid. It is especially convenient to use the Grid Portal if you have login ids on more than one computational resource. The UCR Grid Portal is part of UC Riverside's Cyberinfrastructure strategy. Learn more at iresearch.ucr.edu.

UCR Clusters Currently Accessible:

Upcoming Clusters:

Mavericks - 14 node cluster

Hercules - 10 node cluster

The UCR Grid Portal Provides:

  • Single Sign On - Your single Grid Username provides access to all the clusters, even though you may have different login ids on each.
  • Unified Interface - The Grid Portal web interface provides a uniform working environment on all the clusters.
  • Resource Discovery - See at a glance, the status of all the clusters you have access to. Determine which can schedule your jobs fastest at the current time.
  • Job Submittal - Submit jobs to any of the clusters and view the results through the web. Special application services have been created for all popular programs. These allow you to easily run one of these programs on any cluster on which it is installed.
  • File Transfer - Easliy transfer files among the clusters and from your local machine to any of the clusters.
  • File Management and Editing - Edit files on the clusters via the web, create and delete and rename files, change permissions, etc.
  • Visualization - Visualize chemistry results. Other visualization will be added.

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